Keeping young people safe is the number one priority at EPIC’s Youth Hub. We want young people to feel free to relax, be who they are and enjoy themselves without any worries or concerns.

A number of measures will be put in place to ensure that young people won’t just feel safe at the Hub but also BE safe.


We have a zero-tolerance approach towards any weapons being taken into the Hub, and we may employ a wand scanner to stop them from coming in, as well as regular bag searches, which will take place during all senior sessions.

There are also regular checks of the outside area of the Hub as well as security drills/practices of incident response for staff.


One of our core values at Hub is ‘Respect’ and our team will work with young people to ensure that our simple code of conduct is understood and followed. We will positively praise and reward young people who:

  • Respect the EPIC Hub 
  • Respect the Frenchgate 
  • Respect the EPIC Team 
  • Respect Each Other
  • Respect Yourself

Our team’s focus is on developing positive relationships with young people to ensure that consistently high standards are maintained within the Hub On some occasions, where reminding young people about our code of conduct has not been effective, it might be necessary for that young person to have a cooling-off period from the Hub.  We will communicate the reasons for the cooling-off period to both the young person and their parents or carers and set a date for a meeting with the young person and their parents or carers before they come back to the Hub.

Police & Frenchgate Security 

EPIC has established a positive relationship with South Yorkshire Police and the Frenchgate Security Team will be welcoming local officers on regular visits to sessions, demonstrating a clear partnership. 

EPIC Team 

All staff and volunteers have undergone enhanced DBS checks and receive extensive training before working with young people. This centres around the management of conflict, youth work values, the importance of positive relationships with young people and what to do in an emergency.

Our team is experienced, positive and represents the diversity of the local community, with many workers and volunteers recruited from the borough itself. This has enabled us to better understand local issues and challenges. A system is also in place for staff to record, review and report all incidents and they will be able to communicate more efficiently with the use of walkie-talkies.

The building

The Frenchgate is extensively covered by CCTV. This is well-publicised throughout the Hub and all young people will be required to submit a photograph of themselves upon becoming a member.

Our staff also play a key role in establishing friendly and positive relationships with young people built on trust and respect.


EPIC has developed strong partnerships with a range of statutory and voluntary organisations. We are implementing clear pathways and referrals to partners who support young people to exit youth violence/gang involvement.

If you have any questions regarding EPIC’s safety policies, please email