'EPIC, The start of Something that Changes Everything'

Launched February 2016, EPIC is a creative youth crime prevention team based in the heart of Doncaster. We have various strands of work delivered in Doncaster.


Our Pop-Up Youth Zone is another groundbreaking initiative from the team at EPIC. Located in the Frenchgate Shopping Centre, our Pop-Up Youth Zone will be supported by EPIC Youth Workers. We will be offering support and signposting young people into a range of positive activities. Click here to see our list of events. 


EPIC Learning aims to provide a crime and consequence programme for students aged 11-16 years who find mainstream school difficult to engage with and who are at risk of exclusion or have been excluded as a result of anti-social behaviour.


Positive Activities aims to support the planning and delivery of a range of positive activities for young people at risk of becoming involved in risky and anti-social behaviours.  

'THINK SERIES' - Crime and Consequence

EPIC's Crime and Consequence Programmes are focused on the acquisition of essential life-skills to help young people identify and safely manage risky or harmful situations. 

The Team Around the Street have engaged with over 10,000 young people in a range of positive activities and conversations across our Youth Crime hotspot areas. 

EPIC Annual Report 2018

To date, the social return on investment has been calculated at just over £1m, but the real impact of the programme is the difference it has made to the lives of the young people it supports. 

EPIC Annual Report 2018

The Team Around the Street has engaged with over 9,600 Young People at twelve secondary and primary schools and has committed a total of 200 hours in programme design and delivery of our Think First School Assembly Programme.

EPIC Annual Report 2018

EPIC recorded a 70% reduction of the number of young people aged 10-17 years becoming first-time entrants into the criminal justice system (to year ending September 2017 compared to year ending September 2016). 

EPIC Annual Report 2018